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Back Yard Burn Season 2017-2018 Begins On Dec. 1st and will end on April 30 2018

Permits Required For Backyard Burn Season - Free From Fire Brigade
The Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District requires that those who burn in our area of responsibility obtain a free burn permit through the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade. Those without permits are subject to steep fines from the MBUAPCD. Please understand that the Fire Brigade is in no way responsible for this new requirement. Apply Online For Backyard Burn Permit. For those without Internet access who wish to obtain a burn permit, please call the Fire Brigade at 625-8175. If you have questions please email the Fire Bridage for more information.
If you obtained a burn permit last year, you do not need to reapply. All permits are valid through the end of the 2018 burn season.

Burn Season Guidelines

  1. Call the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District (MBUAPCD) to see if it is a permissive burn day at (800) 225-2876 - reminder the MBUAPCD changes their recording regarding burning conditions for the following day after 3pm
  2. If it is a permissive burn day call the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade and advise your:
    1. name
    2. call back phone number
    3. location of the burn and
    4. burn permit number
  3. Call the Brigade before you light your pile but after 7am (I like to sleep at least till then and the Brigade number rings at my house) (831) 625-8175 this is the only valid number to call. Please do not use any other number you may have.
  4. You must be in attendance at all times and water must be readily available at the burn location (read that right next to you) in case!

Please remember it is important to call the Brigade before you light your pile to comply with your permit requirements and to ensure that the Brigade has not again enforced burning restrictions. This is one of the driest years and it won't take many days of warm weather and wind to once again change our conditions as this rain has had little to no affect on dead fuel moistures.

Please be careful and remember that the notice you post to the neighbors list is a good neighbor policy (not everyone is on the neighbors list). You may not use the neighbors list or email as a venue to notify the Fire Brigade that you are intending to burn you must call the Brigade number.

We have great news regarding three grants the Brigade has received for fuel reduction work in our community totaling $700,000, more on this soon.

How To Obtain A Monterey County House Number
For those of you who do not have an official county address, it is a very simple and inexpensive process to get one. Simply click this link Address Request Form. This will open a new window and the form is in PDF format. Fill out the form which includes the assessors parcel number and include a check for $51. The road department assurred me that if your situation is unique (most of the canyon) you can include a hand drawn map so they can assure they assign a proper address. Your fire brigade has been working hard with the county to understand our unique situation.

In An Emergency Dial 911 -->
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The Mid-Coast Fire Brigade was officially organized in June of 1979 and is made up from community members who volunteer their time to provide fire and emergency medical services to our community. There are currently 16 fire fighters serving on the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade with three fire fighting apparatus. These volunteers have been trained in emergency medical intervention, including CPR, defibrillation, and firefighting skills. They meet twice a month to practice their skills; they are dedicated to provide you with the essential services of fire and life safety you deserve.

However, as with most organizations, the organization is only as good as its weakest link, without the support of the community, the Fire Brigade cannot exist.

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