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Welcome to the Mid Coast Fire Brigade

The Mid-Coast Fire Brigade was officially organized in June of 1979 in response to fill a need in the community to provide emergency services year-round as Cal Fire provided only wildland fire protection during the declared fire season.  The Brigade is composed of community members who volunteer their time to train and provide fire and emergency medical services on a moment’s notice.


Volunteer firefighters proudly serve the Mid-Coast Fire community with multiple apparatus specifically designed to meet the needs of our unique area.


Our volunteer firefighters are trained in emergency medical intervention, including CPR, defibrillation, rope rescue, vehicle extrication, water rescue as well as structural, vehicle and wildland firefighting skills. They meet twice a month to practice their skills; they are dedicated to provide the Mid Coast community with quality and professional essential services of fire and life safety that everyone deserves.  Our volunteer firefighters do not receive compensation of any sort and truly volunteer and dedicate their time to their community. Not only do they dedicate their time to our community they also respond to major fires within the county as well as the state of California when requested.

However, as with most organizations, the organization is only as strong as its weakest link, without the financial support of the community, the Fire Brigade simply cannot exist.  We rely on donations as we receive very limited funds from the County of Monterey which help us pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, vehicle insurance and fuel.  Any donation helps continue the valuable service our volunteers provide to the community and visitors to our area.


How can you help Mid-Coast Fire Brigade?

You can donate now by clicking the donate button above to donate through pay pal.


Mission Statement

The Mid-Coast Fire Brigade proudly serves the changing needs of our community, which includes Garrapata, Palo Colorado, Rocky Creek, Bixby and the Coast: from Garrapata State Park south to “South Forty” on Hurricane Point.  We contribute to the quality of life within our community by providing fire protection, fire prevention education, and by protecting lives, property, and the environment with compassion, vigilance and dedication.

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