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Trying to raise money to operate a 501 C 3 nonprofit 100% volunteer fire department can be daunting during the best of times.  During Covid19 it has seemed almost impossible as there are so many worthy charities.


With three annual events canceled in 2020 and with the prospect of these same events canceled in 2021 we knew we needed to do something. 


The one thing we do know is that everyone loves a good T-Shirt whether to show support for an organization or for the memory of places traveled.  We decided on a t-shirt and if we were going to make a t-shirt it needed to include something iconic, something local, and some of our ghostly history.

The Mid Coast Fire Brigade jurisdiction covers 32 square miles along the Big Sur Coast and includes the world’s iconic Bixby Bridge.  The Bridge is also the focal point in the Mid Coast Fire logo.  


The t-shirt design includes:

The Bixby Bridge was constructed in 1931 and opened on November 27, 1932, allowing people to avoid the 10.1-mile unmaintained dirt Coast Road more easily connecting travelers.

A WWl era biplane that is said to make its nightly pass from the sea under the bridge and disappear into the canyon where it again makes another pass.

Winnie the pig.  Winnie is a Palo Colorado Canyon local known by many that love to travel with her canine buddies who are escape artists and love to visit their neighbors and Winnie loves to join their escapades.  Their escapades one day took them to cross country and of course onto the Bixby Bridge where tourists and locals alike chased the pig to return it to its owners. Wish we had the video that I am sure someone has….I understand it was quite entertaining.  Winnie’s escapades have ceased but she deserves a place in local history.


So that is the history of our t-shirt.  We hope that you can purchase one of our t-shirts knowing that you have a memory, a piece of history and that it will also support a Big Sur Coast Fire Brigade “Mid Coast”.

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